Tourist Sites in Zalău

Residence of Salaj county, the city of Zalau offers tourists who stop to visit it a rich history and an impressive tourist heritage

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  • Transylvania Building

    Built in the second half of the XIXth century, the Transylvania Building is an example of an eclectic style building.

  • County Directorate for Culture

    The County Directorate for Culture Building was erected around 1900 and had a commercial purpose for most of its existence

  • City Hall of Zalău

    The Town hall of Zalău was built during 1872 – 1889, most probably after the plans of the architect from Cluj Debreczeni Balasz.

  • Building of the Center for Culture and Art Sălaj

    In 1854, the city administration of Zalău assigned 1.200.000 crowns for the construction of public buildings, among which a new barracks

  • Angels Fountain

    Created after 1854, when the city administration allotted the amount of 12 646 K 75 FIL to build it.

  • Wesselény Statue

    The bronze statue of Wesselényi Miklós is seated on a pedestal covered in white marble plaques

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