Benefiting from a picturesque position and the presence of thermo mineral waters, the Baile Boghis spa is one of the permanent spas, preferred by many tourists.

The thermal water spa Baile Boghis situated on the County Road DJ 191D in the Boghis commune, Salaj County, is fed up by 3 cold water bores (drinkable) and 3 brimstone, soda, bicarbonate, iodine, chlorine mineral water bores and thermal waters with temperature of +42 degrees Celsius.

The treatment spa in Baile Boghis is made up of medical practices with rooms for kinetotherapy, physical therapy and reflex massage, balneary pool, one pool for hydrokinetotherapy, room with hydrotherapy equipment, medical assistance and first aid room.

The thermal water spa Baile Boghis offers programs and procedures for the body recovery and maintenance: initial consult, control consult, kinetotherapy, physical therapy, phytotherapy, balneotherapy, masotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, medical assistance and first aid with intravenous medicine administration.

Due to the qualities of the thermal water, Baile Boghis is indicated to treat the following diseases:

  • rheumatic chronic degenerative diseases – neck bone, dorsal and lombarian spondylitis, arthrosis and poliarthrosis
  • rheumatic diseases of the areas around the articulations– tendon myosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • peripheral neurological – mild paresis and minor consequences of polio
  • post traumatic –post traumatic articulation stiffness, problems after operations on muscles and articulations, problems after cricks, contortions and fractures
  • gynecological – ovarian failure, chronic cervicitis
  • nutrition and metabolic diseases
  • dermatological

Access: Zalău -Crasna - Nușfalau - Boghiș DJ191C/ DJ191D, distance 39 km, time 46 min

Every day 8.00 – 21.00;
Price: Adults - 15 lei; Children 3 - 12 years - 3 lei; Children under 3 - free;
5, Boghis, Boghis, Salaj, Romania
Phone: 0260623931, 0751015673, 0751016448


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