National natural reserve, with an area of 1, 5 ha in the area of the Jernău spring, in the Almaş-Agrij Depression, Sălaj County. Besides daffodils (Narcissus stelaris) the reserve hosts a well conserved meadow ecosystem, with rich floristic diversity.

The daffodils’ flourishing takes place in the last days of April and around the 20th -25th of May, depending on the weather that year. The Daffodils’ Clearing is included in a Nature 2000 Site with an area of 240 ha at altitudes between 249 and 375 meters, created to protect the habitat "Dacian oak and hornbeam forests" and the amphibian species Bombina variegata.

As types of vegetation, it contains deciduous forests of oak and hornbeam, Dacian forests of Melampyrum bihariense, steppes and calcareous meadows. From a floristic point of view, it is home to a series of rare and endemic plants: Hepatica transsilvanica, Aconitum lycoctonum ssp. moldavicum, Lathyrus transsilvanicus.

Access: Zalău - Românași - Sânmihaiu Almașului - Hida - Racâș DN1F/E81/DN1G, distance 40 km, time 43 min

Near the natural reserve, there are several tourist sites (churches, archeological sites, protected natural areas)

The Almaș-Agrij Depression (part of the Someșan Plateau belonging to the Transylvanian Plateau), in the central-eastern part of the Sălaj County, on the Western territory of the Racâș village, near the national road DN1G connecting Hida to Gâlgău Almașului

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